Maria's pasties

It's hard to beat a pastie with sauce for lunch on Saturday. This recipe is one from Maria's mum that has become a favourite, partly because it's so easy. At home, we usually make a large batch and have a stock in the freezer.

The pasties are smallish (we do 4 per pastry sheet), so the hardest, or at least the tedious bit is chopping the veggies nice and small so the consistency of the filling.

  • packet of puff pastry
  • beef mince - 500g
  • short cut bacon - 6 rashes, chopped tiny
  • potatoes - x2 medium, diced very small
  • carrot - x2, diced very small
  • peas - 1 cup or more if you like peas
  • swede - 1 small, diced very small
  • (We also add whatever is in the fridge or garden that is suitable. This time it was finely chopped kale)
  • pepper and salt (be generous)
  • mixed herbs (be generous, and use fresh if available)
  • eggs - x2 to bind


construct the pasties
  • lay the pastry sheets out on a bench to thaw
  • mix all the filling ingredients in a large bowl
  • cut a sheet of pastry into (square) quarters
  • moisten the edge of a pastry square with water and spoon filling onto it, pressing two edges together to make a cone
  • pick up the 'cone', press the filling into the bottom and fill with more mixture until full, then close the pastie by pressing the remaining edge together (see images below)
  • stand upright on a baking tray
  • pierce pastry in a few spots to allow hot air to escape and brush with milk
  •  once the tray is full, bake in oven (180°) for 20-25 mins until golden
  • stand them on cooling rack and eat as many as you can


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