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Maria's pasties

It's hard to beat a pastie with sauce for lunch on Saturday. This recipe is one from Maria's mum that has become a favourite, partly because it's so easy. At home, we usually make a large batch and have a stock in the freezer. The pasties are smallish (we do 4 per pastry sheet), so the hardest, or at least the tedious bit is chopping the veggies nice and small so the consistency of the filling. Ingredients packet of puff pastry Filling beef mince - 500g short cut bacon - 6 rashes, chopped tiny potatoes - x2 medium, diced very small carrot - x2, diced very small peas - 1 cup or more if you like peas swede - 1 small, diced very small (We also add whatever is in the fridge or garden that is suitable. This time it was finely chopped kale) pepper and salt (be generous) mixed herbs (be generous, and use fresh if available) eggs - x2 to bind Method construct the pasties lay the pastry sheets out on a bench to thaw mix all the filling ingredients in a large bowl cut a sheet of past

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