What's this about?

In 2009, when we were rookie caravaners, I bought a little book called [something like] "20 recipes with 6 ingredients" - clearly intended for travellers for whom eating was functional and bland food was satisfactory. What was I thinking? This blog is the antithesis of that idea. Just because there is not much space in a van kitchen shouldn't mean we have to compromise on the quality of the food we eat. Spices and other flavour enhancing supplies don't take up much room, and if we select our equipment wisely there is not much we can't do. Maria and I like to shop daily or every couple of days, so again, if we choose groceries wisely, storage shouldn't be a problem either.

I really like cooking, and I especially like cooking for people I love. So when we got ourselves a caravan, cooking for the family when we were away was a highlight of the day. We were regularly in the van in the colder months, so there was something special about crowding inside in the warmth at the end of an activity rich day and filling it with good smells and tastes.

These days, it is mostly just Maria and I. Our post-kids caravan kitchen has an oven which increases the possibilities a lot. We chose our Marvel Sea Breeze largely because of the kitchen layout; we liked the kink in the bench which not only breaks up the typical straight lines, but offers crucial extra bench space so the toaster and electric kettle can stay out without getting in the way. Over the years there have been countless times when I've concocted a meal that was better than average, and I've thought, "Gee I should have captured that for the memory bank", but never got around to it, and anyway taking pictures of food is pretty naf right? But somehow if the blog is a food or cooking blog, then not so much. So here we are; Pots and Vans - good food in a little kitchen. 

And by the way, the 'categories' of content can be sorted via the labels menu on the top left. Recipes, equipment, shopping tips and lots of others.


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