OK, so this is the geeky bit.

When you've got a little kitchen, every piece of equipment has to hold its own. You've got to be able to store it conveniently without too much clutter and it has got to do something ... regularly. There are some items that you keep for infrequent use, but for me, these have to be worth the space investment. My paella dish and pizza stone fit this category, but they get stored under a seat out of the way.

I have chosen not to keep measuring cups or spoons, although I do have a plastic 500ml measuring jug that comes in handy frequently for things like measuring water for stock. And I picked up a silicon egg poaching 'cup' which holds 180ml or ¾ cup. I use this when I need to gauge quantities of flour, rice, couscous etc.

When it coms to spoon measures, I simply use a teaspoon from the cutlery drawer and multiply by 4 for a tablespoon or just guess! For oil, butter and cooking aids, I measure in glugs, dollops and other similar sophisticated measures. But this casual approach should not be interpreted as carelessness. I take the curation of the set of things in my cosy little kitchen very seriously 😊.

The use of utensils and equipment is an evolving discussion, so instead of trying to pile it all into this page, I'll be adding posts from time to time, and linking them below. You can also find them by sorting the posts by the 'equipment' label from the dropdown menu on the top left.

I'm really keen to learn what others have chosen to include in their 'pack'. Please add you thoughts below or on the posts ... there are tips and ideas out there that I'd love to glean.

Happy cooking.


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