There are few things that frustrate me more in cooking than blunt knives. You don't need many but this set of four work really well for us. I have threatened to buy a peeler, but at this stage have held off and just used the small kitchen knife.

The star of the show is my W├╝sthof, 20cm chefs knife. Beautiful piece of equipment that I use every day. We started off with this and the small kitchen knife from another set, and quickly added the bread knife because I love cutting my own bread. Buying sourdough from farmers markets or bakeries is our much preferred option.

We picked up the small cerated one by accident ... in fact I am still not sure where it came from, but it is really useful when a cerated edge is better. It's a keeper.

Space is a premium so the knives get put into the drawers alongside other utensils. To protect them, we've got a set of Baccarat knife sleeves. And to complete the kit, a couple of diamond sharpeners which I picked up from Bunnings after searching far and wide for a pocket size sharpening stone. 


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