New Brighton Farmers Market

Farmer's markets are fabulous. They are community events and facilitate a real connection between the people who grow the food and those who eat it. That's why we try to check out the farmer's markets where ever we are.

Last year when we were with a group of friends at Clark's Beach, our good friends and fellow foodies Gav and Jules told is about the smoked mushroom sold at New Brighton Farmers Market. We were keen to try them and instantly loved this little village nook. We happened to be short of a shopping bag when we were there so got ourselves a New Brighton Farmers Market branded reusable bag and have carried it in the van ever since. This was also the place that Maria discovered elderflower cordial, and even though the stuff she has found down south was not the same, it has been her cold drink of choice when at home ever since.

So today we enthusiastically headed over to get some supplies. After the obligatory coffee and pastry (we didn't have breakfast before we left, we made a beeline for the mushroom man. It was only 9am (market opened at 8am) but he was sold out of everything except for ..... a few containers of the smoked mushies. Phew. We eagerly grabbed some as well as a some veggies and lamb for (maybe) a curry. A little highlight was experiencing the passion of the rice grower from who we bought a packet of jasmine brown rice from Nimbin Valley Rice. That's the joy of farmers markets.

A bonus was spotting the bottles of elderflower cordial as we were about to leave; happy days.


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