Cooking equipment

What do you include in your little kitchen tool cupboard? Here's what I have chosen. 'Will likely add to it along the way, but every new item will be carefully selected so as not to clutter the space. Each item must add value, and even better if it can do more than one thing!

This is kinda boring, but I geek out on this stuff. I'd love to know what you find necessary in a little kitchen. What are you hacks? What is that implement you just can't do without?

Chopping boards
There have been times when we've had other heavier boards, purchased from markets or the one I made when I was in grade 7. But we find this set of three lighter weight cheap board are really versatile and work well for us.

Mixing bowls
There is another one not pictured that we use as a fruit bowl. These get used everyday for chopped dinner ingredients, nuts and nibblies, or even small dessert bowls. Great purchase.

Not sure how you'd do without one; outs gets used most often for parmesan, carrot, but a couple of weeks ago I put some zucchini through it for some breakfast fritters.

When you eat as much pasta as we do, one of these is a must. I also use it often for cooling boiled potatoes for potato salad or last week for semi squashed fried potatoes in duck fat and herbs (thanks Rachel).

Obviously similar function to the colander, but this gets pulled out lots for draining chickpeas, rinsing lentils etc.

Measuring cup
My only proper measuring tool, but really useful as a little jog for mixing liquid etc too.

Funnel (collapsible) 
Recent addition ... but have found it useful, if only occasionally.

Can opener
Only gets used occasionally, but sometimes cans don't have the pull up lids, and if you've ever tried to open a can without a proper opener, you'll know how important it is to have one of these tucked away somewhere.

Corkscrew and bottle opener
Because drinks happen. I love my little classic bottle opener and when I started drinking wine from Abruzzo (where Maria's family is from) I discovered some wine bottles are still corked.

Kitchen scissors
Because trying to open things with a knife puts my fingers at hight risk.

Wooden spoon
My dad still has in his kitchen a spoon that I remember my mum using decades ago. It is worn unevenly by years of 'right hand' stirring. It carries within it the stories of family meals and favourite recipes. I love that spoon. And so I also am fond of this one. Hasn't got the history (yet) of mum's, but having a soft spoon to keep your pots and pans in good order is a must, as well as being a joy to hold.

A necessity for multiple tasks including serving pasta when you don't have (as we have chosen) a pasta implement.

Egg flip and ladle
Standard Kmart issue for functionality

Spatula and serving spoon
These are special. It's hard to appreciate from a photo how good design has elevated these Muji implements beyond normal. The balance, the comfort in your hand. I bought a pair of these for our kitchen at home and loved them so much that when we bought our new van, the family bought me another set.

... which leads me to another point.

You may not be able to, but we have chosen to leave our cosy kitchen equipment permanently in the van. It means we know we have what we want without that gnawing feeling as you set off wondering if you have left something behind.

That's it.

I'll do seperate posts on knives, appliances, pots and beverages.

Whoops, I forgot this piece of kitchen wonder;


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