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yellow curry with chickpeas and veggies

Some nights feel like a curry night. Today was such a day, so I had a go at this yellow curry. In the van I make no apologies for using a jar of curry paste :-) rather than making the curry from scratch, although one day, with time, I'll give it a crack. Equipment chopping board and knife saucepan for cooking rice covered pan for curry measuring cup Ingredients olive oil salt and pepper onion (x1 small, segmented) yellow curry paste. I used ½ jar of AYAM Thai curry, I estimate it is about ⅓ cup coconut milk (small tin) chickpeas (x1 tin) veggies: I used eggplant (sliced and quartered, broccoli (flowers), green beans (cut in smallish pieces), spinach basmati rice (½ cup) cherries tomatoes (handful, cut in half) soy sauce x1 tbsp (or fish sauce but I don't have any in the van at the moment) raw sugar x1 tbsp (could use brown, but I have raw in the van) coriander to garnish (½ bunch chopped) Method heat oil in the pan add eggplant and season with pepper and salt add onion and cook

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