Fruit toast

It's not often that there is cause to celebrate the products associated with / branded by the big supermarkets. This is an exception.
I am a fan of fruit toast, or good fruit toast at least. I'm not talking about the loaves you buy in the bread section, I'm talking about spice rich bread filled with real fruit (and sometimes nuts too). The so-called Rich Fruit Loaf from Woollies' bakery section is the best we've ever bought and is as good as anything you'll get in a cafe for breakfast.

I have been devastated that since we arrived in the North Rivers 6 weeks ago, none of the Woollies I've been in to have stocked it. I've questioned bakers working at the ovens in the bakery section and had been informed that they don't stock this line. Today we had to pick up some arborio rice for dinner, and I could help myself, I had to check the bakery even though I knew "they don't stock that line". I couldn't believe my luck to see a little sign saying 'NEW LINE', above which sat 2x loaves of this glorious breakfast fodder. I nearly grabbed both loaves until I thought about how full our freezer already is.

Our usual practice is to slice it when it's fresh and freeze it, which is what I happily did when we got home. Of course, the end bits are a waste of space so I had to eat them.


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